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So this morning was street sweeping day. And like always, I have to wake up early to move my car (I am so tired of damn tickets). Anyways, I couldn’t find parking. So I was just driving around my neighborhood wasting gas. And I see this woman walking her dog. Pretty normal. And then out of no where she starts whipping him with his leash and kicking him. WHAT THE FUCK. He did absolutely nothing wrong! The poor dog was trying to run away but obviously couldnt, so he rolled up into a little ball and took the beating. This is fucking outrageous. I started to honk my horn and scream at the fucking idiot. I could not contain myself. I just went off. Scared she ran into her house. How the fuck would you like it? I wish I could give you dumbass the same treatment. And of course the animal couldn’t defend itself from the torture. He would be euthanized. I fucking hate that. People like that are disgusting subhumans. I had to just share this. I can’t tolerate it. I have such a huge soft spot for animals. Ugh. Anyways, that was my morning. Stupid bitch.

Why can’t Starbucks be 24 hours :’(

Salvador Dali, Summer.